Smokescreen. The Project:

Keep the masses ignorant and simple. Give them plenty to be angry about, and plenty to fear, just as long as it all masks the real threats to humanity.

This is about our news media here in the USA and in Britain, since some of us pay attention to the BBC, and even the European press.Specifically, I want to address the sorry job that is being done by NPR, National Public Radio. I don’t think we are being served very well by them at all.


The most important information; WHAT is important for us to know, as listeners to American news radio, to enable us to understand the challenges and the dangers that affect us? What are the most pressing needs of our society, our world? IF NPR and the rest of them, were doing their jobs properly, we would hear real experts, people with experience in these fields, or people who are highly educated, educators preferably, giving us what is widely considered to be some of the best ways to deal with our world. There would be various and maybe opposing viewpoints, but there would be no fringe elements, from opposite sides of an issue, shouting at each other.
THEN, we would hear some sort of conclusion. It would be the learned opinion of the author, or the anchor-person, about what has been said, and some kind of solution would be offered. We would not simply be left hanging with no answers at all, as if news programs were here just to entertain, to grab viewers with spectacular headlines.

Obviously, in the main-stream media, we don’t have real, informative news programs. We do not get what we need to be informed about national or world events and issues, NOT at all.
What we get is quite the opposite. This is evident, just from the fact that even concerned citizens who listen to and read these main-stream media programs and news magazines are woefully unaware and ill-informed about so many things.

Listening to NPR recently, I counted eleven times when Donald Trump was brought up and considered from every possible perspective. So, from this, I can imagine, as most listeners probably do, that this Trump person is the most important thing for us to be concerned about. He MUST be the most important news item, because he is mentioned more often than anything else! Come on, REALLY? But here, I will not give him one more mention.
Of course, after Donald Trump, the second most important item on the list of things to report, is the upcoming election (though only a minority will even actually VOTE). After these two things are covered, on NPR radio news, what we get is eight minutes devoted to a rapper music artist. He is new, up-and-coming, and so, we have never heard of him, nor heard any of his songs. But he MUST be very important, right? Eight minutes!
Next, a news section devoted to a sort of “immersion technology”, “virtual reality eating. You put this contraption on your head, and see a virtual world. This particular one is equipped with a feature that gives you actual smells as you eat some piece of food.
Since this is given such a prominent place in the broadcast, I suppose it will solve most of the problems in the world, once it is developed fully, and we have all bought one.
There is a long bit about the Republican debate. Each one is given time to utter one misleading lie, some misinformation. We are not told that if one checks the facts, what they’ve said is UNTRUE. It’s not the role of NPR to check the veracity of anything, it seems. The lies are left to stand, and we are left to wonder if it is 90% true, or 5% true.
There is ample time in today’s broadcast, which is a series of the same program, repeated every hour, by the way, for an almost three minute section on the social habits of octopuses.
Do we know that the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists say it’s three minutes to midnight?
Their latest bulletin: “Unchecked climate change, global nuclear weapons modernization, and out-sized nuclear weapons arsenals pose extraordinary and undeniable threats to the continued existence of humanity, and world leaders have failed to act with the speed or on the scale required to protect citizens from potential catastrophe. These failures of political leadership endanger every person on Earth.”
Three minutes, on the overview of proverbial clock of humanity on earth, until doomsday.
They list the imminent dangers facing us, as a species, as a planet of living beings.
Dangers? I just finished listening to NPR, “All Things Considered”! If there were any threats to humanity, you’d think we would have heard about it there! I figured, after hearing the program, that if Donald Trump, and the elections, and octopus’ mating habits are the only things worthy of reporting, then it must be a pretty safe world!
“Yes”, says the media, “there’s nothing to worry about. Just be entertained by our brief list of current events, and go back to your slumber. Don’t worry. Don’t become an activist. Don’t protest, don’t become socially concerned. After all, an election’s on the way, and our candidates assure us that they will fix everything.
IF NPR EVER DECIDES THAT THE AMERICAN PUBLIC NEEDS SOME REAL NEWS, they might mention some of the following:
• From the aforementioned Atomic Scientists organization, this.
• “Unchecked climate change, global nuclear weapons modernization, and oversized nuclear weapons arsenals pose extraordinary and undeniable threats to the continued existence of humanity, and world leaders have failed to act with the speed or on the scale required to protect citizens from potential catastrophe. These failures of political leadership endanger every person on Earth.”
• [From T. Ashez] Both Russia and the USA are spending their billions on revamping their nuclear arsenals. Both these nations are expanding their nuclear capabilities. A recent dangerous development, the USA is designing a nuclear warhead that can be launched with a ‘cruise’ missile. These missiles would look like a conventional missile, on the radar. How would Moscow know if the incoming missile is nuclear, or conventional? They would have only minutes to guess the answer. Should they respond with a nuclear missile as well, or with a conventional warhead? This is a hell of a bad problem, and we are heading right for it.
Israel. Whatever your opinion of this nation, they are prone to be involved in conflicts in the middle east. They have nuclear weapons. If they attack with them, and if they provoke a response, in kind, the USA is sworn to protect this nation.
• Speaking of Israel, our dollars are enabling them to persecute the Palestinians in a hellish manner. They are rounding up Eritrean immigrants, and putting them in the biggest prison in the world. Does the American public even know this?
We are planning to actually go back into Afghanistan, Iraq, and now plans are to go back into Libya as well. I say this as if our troops ever completely left these places. These places are infernal hell-holes, after being destroyed by guess-who. By the way, many of the refugees streaming into Europe are these very Afghanis and Iraqis whom we have “liberated”. The Syrian problem is partly the result of our actions in Syria. Has this been mentioned, as we debate whether to take in a few thousand, while Europe assimilates millions? Does the USA public know this? Perhaps there isn’t time on NPR for these things. They have only an hour per broadcast, then it is repeated, word for word.
News flash! We have all been made into paupers, relative to the 1%. Does the public know that the 62 individuals, who have more wealth than the lower HALF of all humanity (according to the latest OXFAM report), could solve world hunger? They could simply write a check! If these people didn’t OWN our government, they could be FORCED to solve these sort of problems. How is it even legal to hoard such massive wealth? Hardly anyone, speaking of the general public, ever hears of this!
• Thousands of Americans are being murdered by police. These are mostly blacks, immigrants, Hispanics, and native Americans. This could stand at least a brief mention, main-stream media. Every day there are many instances that go unreported. Too many octopus facts to ponder.
Our military is scattered all over the globe, about a thousand bases, overseas and in South America, from which our government is waging a war of world domination, working mainly for the profit of multinational corporations. But all for the constant growth of the American Empire. We have secret operations, special forces, secretly working in Africa, and in almost every other country. We aren’t even ALLOWED to learn about any of this. The public has no say-so as to whether we want this or not. Well, hell, it is NOT REPORTED. One will never learn this, unless one knows where to research to find out.
American bombs are now being used to create a humanitarian disaster in Yemen. Saudi Arabia, our ally, is doing this with the actual assistance of our government and military. This is actively being covered up, the obedient news factories self-censoring. “It’s unpleasant. Why upset the public? And, by the way, remember which side our bread is buttered on!”
Global warming is coming perilously close to a sort of ‘tipping-point’, a situation where methane begins to be released from the permafrost and from the ocean floor. This would further speed and worsen global warming, in a snowball-effect. This is not a debatable idea, except in the USA, the world’s worst offender, per capita. The Arctic ice is melting at alarming rates.

But, never mind. Everything is just fine! I’m not interested in the news. It’s depressing. And politics! They’re all just crooked. I kinda like that Donald Trump. He wants to make the country great again.