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LUT-Wonder Racing Team Outdid Themselves in Formula Student China 2018


Formula Student China 2018 wrapped up in Zhuhai on December 1. LUT-Wonder racing team won the second and third place in electric and autonomous car racing respectively. Eight individual awards were also received in the meantime.

It is the 2nd time that LUT-Wonder racing team won the second place among 48 teams in electric car racing during its four times participation in recent years. The team also won the first battle in autonomous car racing. Liaoning University of Technology (LTU) is the first university in Liaoning Province to build an autonomous racing car and participate in the racing.

Wonder Group is committed to upgrading its traditional business and transforming towards automobile electrification, intellectualization and connected car service in recent years, especially the development of electric driving, smart security and autonomous driving technology. In December 2017, Wonder sponsored LUT to establish autonomous racing team and build the first autonomous racing car in the universities of Liaoning Province, fully demonstrated the Wonder’s determination and confidence in the field of smart driving.

“The autonomous car of LUT-Wonder team has the appearance of racing car and is strict in design and manufacture. Lidar, camera and GPS are located reasonably. Dual motor driving is quite rare. The car was built specially for speed and pleasure.” said Duan Xingji, executive secretary and head of the referee group of the contest.

Wonder pays attention to its own development and educational public welfare as well. Initiated by Wonder Group, LUT established racing team in 2011 and has expanded from only one fuel racing team to fuel, electric and autonomous racing teams in 7 years. The successful cooperation between Wonder and LUT accumulates abundant technical resources and trains a large number of talents for the Group and auto industry.

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