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Wonder Automotive Europe GmbH Made Its International Debut in Munich

Wonder Automotive Europe GmbH participated in Electronica 2018 in Munich on November 13 as the international debut since its foundation in June 2018. 

Mr. Schriek, general manager of Wonder Automotive Europe GmbH, demonstrated a series of electrical and electronic products and technologies on the exhibition. The perfect debut attracted many automobile clients and companies including BMW, Daimler, Bosch, Kostal, MAN and Rotax, etc. They showed great interest in Wonder’s technical capability of electronic products in terms of efficiency and intelligence.  

Mr. Schriek was invited to host a seminar on technology development in automotive industry during the exhibition.

Munich Electronica is a top event for the global electronics industry and 3,000 companies from 50 countries and regions participated in the exhibition. As the lighthouse showing the path towards internationalization, Wonder Automotive Europe GmbH will realize full interface in cutting-edge technology and business between Wonder and Europe and accelerate the building of world-class company and brand by improving overall R&D capabilities and further exploring European market.
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