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Two Subsidiaries of Wonder Group Were Awarded by China Automobile Industry Association

The general meeting of the Electrical and Electronics Committee of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers was held in Wuhan on October 30. Twelve awards were presented at the meeting including Innovative Enterprise and Excellent Entrepreneur, etc. Jinzhou Halla Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Jinzhou Hanhua Electrical System Co., Ltd., subsidiaries of Wonder Group, won 4 awards. Jinzhou Halla and Jinzhou Hanhua won the honorary title of Top 10 Motors and Innovative Enterprise respectively. Liu Yongdong, general manager of Jinzhou Halla, and Ma Junyang, general manager of Jinzhou Hanhua, were awarded Outstanding Person and Excellent Entrepreneur respectively.

As the leading companies of auto appliance system of Wonder Group, Jinzhou Halla and Jinzhou Hanhua supplies alternators, starters and armatures to many domestic and foreign OEMs.

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