What You Should Do


Hello, thanks for coming to my website.

I’m still here in southern Mexico, trying to learn the language, to prepare myself to go to Cuba, to protest the GITMO prison. There are some prisoners there who are not innocent, some whom I believe ARE innocent. This has been proven by the numerous ones who have been released, over the years, who were certified to be no threat to anyone, and who the government was unable to prove DID ANYTHING WRONG.

They just didn’t want them to get out and tell their stories, proving to the public how they were mistreated and tortured (ALL OF THEM WERE). But now they are out, all but about 40 something of them, who are still being tortured, if only by force-feeding and by the total absence of any release date. They are in indefinite detention. What little hope they had faded to nothing when T. Rump got elected. He wants to fill it back up again, and to resume water-boarding again. I’ll refrain from any rant about the character of this fraudulent president. I think all sane people understand how despicable he is, so why elaborate on it?

It is so good not to be in the USA at this time. I understand that a small segment of the population actually still support this man. I couldn’t stand to be in a crowd and to realize that. And to speak with such a person, I couldn’t bear it.

Actually, I have been doing some historical evaluation of our nation, the USA. Many are waking up to the fact that we are, and have been, the proverbial “bad guys” in the western drama of the world. We’ve been the ones in black hats for a long time. Now, the powers-that-be have decided that a little spin by the main-stream-media is all it takes to keep people satisfied. And the media is in the hands of so few, and they are all in agreement, the big, powerful ones, so no pretense need be made to pretend to be doing the “right things” in the world. It’s just permanent war, regime-change, turn them into chaos, divide and conquer, steal resources; the only way to keep the capitalist pyramid scheme afloat, now that the American consumer can no longer afford to buy enough consumer goods to keep it all going.

Now that bribery is legalized and acceptable, the elite can afford to ignore the protests of the average citizen. The politicians, whom are mostly in the pockets of these same elite, have also found that they can ignore the citizenry, and even be hostile toward them, in attitude and in their legislature. Protests are being made illegal, if not by laws passed (as they are trying to do), then simply by turning a blind eye to police misbehavior, and brutality. I think the elite have finally gotten wealthy and powerful enough, that if the citizens ever did begin to recover any level of power, the authorities could cruelly quash any revolutionary efforts.

So what is a conscientious person to do, someone who isn’t comfortable being a citizen of the nation that most of the world points to, as the biggest threat to peace on earth? What if one begins to feel real discomfort at the horrible specter of millions of poor refugees, fleeing our wars, flooding into Europe, while the USA refuses to help them, or to allow any of them onto our turf? Well, yes, a token few have been let in.

My answer is this: we must flee to other countries, where we can try to adjust our lives so that we pay as little taxes as possible, the goal being to take OUR financial support away from this great Babylon that is the USA. Any other country will do, if one can overcome the language barrier, including Russia, because NO COUNTRY has hundreds of military bases scattered all over the planet; no country has caused nearly as much death and destruction as the USA. And not only is it getting no better, but the evil violence is being stepped-up exponentially. It will soon spark a world war, I am certain; which brings up another reason to move out of the country. The major cities of the USA will be targets, in this coming war. It won’t be fought on some unseen battlefield, as in the past. One would be safer anywhere else on earth, except, of course, near a possible target of the USA military.

I must qualify these statements, of course, by admitting that in the case of a major full-out war between Russia and the USA, no life on earth is safe, in any location. Even a “limited war between two of the smaller nuclear powers would negatively affect all areas around the globe. But an all-out nuclear war would wipe out all life, certainly human life, within a short while.

Also, in light of full disclosure, I must admit that although I have moved to southern Mexico, I am forced by poverty to be dependent upon Social Security for survival. To continue this, I must file income taxes in the USA, and so I do. If I could find enough donors or employers to stop this, I would. I am disabled, with a terribly bad ankle from a bad break that happened in 2000.

I know this is a radical article, and this is not what everyone should do, as the title says. It is only what many of you may decide to do, which would be a good move, in my opinion. Please research the true history of the USA, and the many places our country has troops and bases, and the war crimes that have been committed, and which are being continued. You needn’t be stuck in a situation where your tax dollars are buying bombs for the dismemberment of innocent children, for the blasting to bits people in a wedding, or for the blasting of folks just lounging in their homes, innocently.oct31-192


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