Mid-November in Mexico


Hi Everyone. Here I am with the young owner and manager of the hotel where I am here in Tapijulapa, Mexico. I have been very busy, it seems. Well, for an old man, busy getting a doctor to do my blood test, which has to be done every month, in order to regulate my dosage of Warfarin. I found a wonderful little hospital right nearby in Tacotalpa. They did my blood test, no problem, in spite of the language problem. But yesterday I went to a pharmacy there to pick up my prescription for Warfarin, and the pharmacist confidently stated that the drug does not exist in Mexico. Well, this was disturbing to hear, until I did a little research and I am just as confident that he was wrong. So today, I was headed to another slightly larger town, Teapa, to get the prescription. But I was on my scooter, and it began raining. These storms can come up quickly with quite a lot of rain, so I turned around.

Anyway. I am unable to give a good organized account of everything in this short time slot. So here are some more pictures. I’m doing fine. God bless everyone!


This above is a fruit I had never see nor heard of. But they are MARVELOUS! The outer hull is covered with soft thorns, but you slit it, and it comes right off, revealing the soft, slimy and sweet insides. Beware, there is a seed in the middle, you can see a bit of it in the third picture. Yummy. A whole big 2 or 3 pound bag is about 75 cents.


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