Pictures and the trip- Mexico

Here is the car, loaded up and ready to go. What I’ve actually done, is to make a MOVE to Mexico. Southern Mexico, that is, Tapajulipa. 2454 miles from Spartanburg, my former home. What you see is the frame of my motorscooter, tied to the trunk lid. I removed the back seat completely, leaving it behind, to make a better place for the dog (my 90 pound shepherd/lab mix), and as a place for more stuff. The engine of the scooter, and all the parts took up a good bit of space. But I had the luggage carrier thing on top, packed full, and stuff in every crack and cranny. Still had to leave some of my stuff behind.
The first campsite in Southern Alabama. The nights were a bit cool, so I tried to get as far as I could, to drive into warmer weather. next is a picture of “Them ol’ cottonfields back home”, which I had NEVER seen before, being from east Tennessee and Carolina, where they don’t really grow it anymore.dsc00142

This is a picture of a Mexican man actually PUMPING GAS, and there is free air and water, which he is willing to administer if needed, with a smile. A little tip is appreciated, though.
Well, heck, I can’t find the pictures I took of the other campsites in the USA. I spent the night somewhere in Lousiana, I think it was, and also onece in south Texas, in El Campo, which is Spanish for ‘the Camp’. But now for some photos of Mexico.
This is a nice Motel, where my dog, Buddy, slept oudoors. In Mexico there were no campsites, none that I could find. But it was OK, since the motels were cheaper than a campsite in the USA! $15 to $35 for a luxury room, and they were happy as long as buddy(my dog) stayed outside, tied up to something. Luckily there was almost no rain for the whole trip, so he didn’t get wet.
Some of the Motels were not so nice, of course. But never any bed bugs, never anything dirty or unsanitary. I wisely drink only bottled water. This (pictured above) is Hotel Gaby in Tacotalpa. It was $15 a night, but after a couple days, he gave me an additional charge for the ‘garage’, a caged in area where I had parked. This was the only underhanded thing I came across here.
This is the lovely motel here in Tapijulapa, where I finally decided to ‘nest’ for at month or two. It is the nicest Motel here, right on a big river (but high enough above that there is no danger of flooding, ever). I will just put in some random pictures of the area here.



Well, there are more interesting photos, I think some are on the phone still. I will include them later. I have to go to Tacotalpa on my motorcycle to get a certain drug at the pharmacy. In America it requires a prescription. It’s just for blood pressure, usual stuff for an old boy like me. Oh, I should insert another picture of me, something I have rarely done. I am in my orange Gitmo suit. I plan to go further now, while keeping a base here, and go to Mexico, taking the scooter. They say it is possible to take a normal little ‘cruise’ boat to Cuba, where I plan to protest the Guantanamo bay prison gulag and torture camp.I have to take my time, though, since funds are limited. I would like to open up to anyone interested in helping me to finance this venture. I have a paypal account.

Oh. as an afterthought, i would caution anyone about driving to mexico.The road here was nice, sometimes, but mostly HELLISH, with huge pot-holes, and huge speed-bumps most of the way. I got lost three or four times, even using GPS.


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