Republican Culpability

Today, it seems that I have a number of things that have been ruminating in my mind for some few days. Perhaps these things will fit together somewhat.

For one, there are the continual streams of lies and misleading statements from the Republican party. The most prominent lie has to do with their promotion of the video depicting Planned Parenthood as a purveyor of body parts from fetuses. And remember the efforts to de-fund P. Parenthood as well.

Now some Republicans are whining that it makes them look bad, since they did and said all of these things, which obviously influenced the Colorado attacker to commit murder at the Planned Parenthood clinic there.

Well, you poor bastards. Does it make you look bad? That’s because you all, and your party, ARE BAD! You are a scourge, a plague, and now, partners in murder.

Next, there is the matter about all of the many cases of police misbehavior and murder, especially against minorities, blacks in particular. Someone said that this is not a new phenomenon. It’s been going on for many years.What is new, is the widespread use of smart phones, which have video capability. This statement is true.

However, I think there is one aspect of it that IS new. Ever since Obama became President, the Republicans have insinuated, by their words and by their approbation of others who use hateful speeches, that the President is acting like some sort of dictator. There is no evidence of this, but never mind that, they constantly say he is “overstepping his boundaries”, unilaterally forcing things upon the American people that they don’t like or need, against the will of Congress.

It’s the same old white lie that has been used from the beginning. They say, “This black man has gotten ‘too-big-for-his-britches’. He is acting ‘uppity’. Who does he think he is, anyway? He took sides with the looters in Ferguson! [A lie]” It’s a transparent cloak for racist antipathy.

These insinuations and accusations have been embraced quickly by those of our society who were predisposed to racial prejudice. So here is another way that the Republican Party has harmed our society and driven back progress. I believe that a segment of the police forces in America have paid special attention to all of this hate speech directed toward our President, and attributed it to his race.

It is a small leap of thought to understand how that this hatred of the black race that many police have secretly harbored for years, could be suddenly inflamed by listening to the words of Congressmen of the opposition, which is then echoed, and distorted by conservative television news and by talk radio shows.

I believe this hatred is responsible for some of these many murders of black citizens in recent years, not to discount the usual amount of police misbehavior directed at whites.

So you can see now, how the Republican party shares responsibility for ALL of the police brutality that we have now finally been able to witness, as a result of the benefits of video technology.

Even our founding fathers of this nation warned against political parties that were at war with their own government. The stated goal of this Republican party has been, from the beginning of the Obama era, to screw up and destroy everything that the President tries to do. Also, they have purposely allowed things to go bad, knowing they could just pass the blame on to the President. A segment of our society, racist Americans, are more than willing to believe this. They even join in the game themselves, against all reason and logic, blaming the President for everything that’s wrong in their lives.

So, then, an obstructionist Congress, even a destructive Congress, has been allowed to bring most of the President’s initiatives to a halt. It’s easy to throw a wrench into the engine, rather than trying to do any good, and then, they know that people will just blame the President, and they come off looking like righteous soldiers, standing up for radical conservatism.

Now is a time, obviously, of great global upheaval. There are many urgent needs that need to be attended to. Millions are refugees, homeless, helpless. Women and children, elderly people, as well as men of working age, are in desperate need of help. If there was ever a time for action from Congress, this is it. But NO, what do the Republicans do? Throw up obstruction, throw a wrench into the works once again, by PRETENDING that our vetting process for refugees is insufficient. This was done with NO EVIDENCE, but only with the secure knowledge that it would make them look good, in the eyes of Americans who have been panicked by watching Fox News, the media arm of the Republican party and the Tea party.

This is another example of  heartless, cynical maneuvering by them, destroying poor refugees in the process, overburdening Europe and providing a bad example for the world to follow in dealing with these Syrian refugees. While these Republicans and Presidential candidates claim to be SO Christian, they act as though they don’t believe there is a God who loves these refugees, and who sees all of this Republican mischief, and will require it at their hands some day.


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