One That I Wrote Before the War.

The Post Written Before the War.

1. Tragedies all around. And we are immediately reminded that nothing will be done to solve the problems, as usual. We are told that the President is “politicizing” the Oregon shooting. It is not a political act to see an obvious problem, and then try to show the way forward, to fix the problem. It is politicizing, when one takes large sums of money from pro-gun lobbies, in order to sell your soul to the gun sellers, at the price of hundreds of innocents lost every year to gun violence.
2. The Syria/refugee problem. The media is in an anti-Russia frenzy because Putin is meddling by taking an active role there. The USA has been involved for years, our people there fomenting unrest, planting the seeds for regime-change. The USA has found that, win or lose, we can destroy a country, and there we gain numerous permanent bases, or mini-bases, where our special-ops people, the President’s private army, can carry out missions. And then, no matter what, the pushers of guns, missiles, military hardware, bombs and so forth, can be assured of a huge windfall, on a permanent basis.
The Republicans call out for President Obama to “push back”, in response. It is always about getting out the punishing whip, to discipline the naughty boy, Putin, and make him do our bidding. Such politicians are insane. Vladimir Putin represents a world-class superpower, a nuclear power. Full-on war would amount to the end of the world as we know it. And full-on war is not beyond the realm of possibilities. One mid-air collision, a known possibility over Syria now, and who knows how far or how fast things could escalate.
3. Our oldest middle-east problem, our longest war ever, since it is not over, Afghanistan has seen fighting today between the Taliban and Afghan security forces. The Pentagon admitted than Special Forces there had to be involved directly in the gunfight. They were there, ostensibly, as “advisors”. Does no one remember that our first troops in Vietnam were there as advisors? This is how every war is begun, or perpetuated.
The Taliban claim to have shot down a Hercules C-130 aircraft, a huge plane, killing six US soldiers and five American contractors. NATO has not admitted to the cause. But Wrecked through poor maintenance, pilot error, or by Taliban fire, if we keep 10,000 troops in Afghanistan, there will be casualties [plus who knows how many contractor mercenaries]. This war is, by no means, over. The Republican cry is for “boots on the ground, and the more, the better.” But, in fairness, I must admit that the Dems have their hawks as well.
A couple days ago, aerial bombing accidentally killed twelve staff members of the organization, Doctors without Borders, and seven patients. Nobody thinks it was the work of the Taliban air force. Thirty people are unaccounted for.
4. British politics: Jeremy Corbyn has been elected the leader of the Labour Party. He has publicly stated that he does not believe nuclear weapons are effective and that he, personally would never “push the nuclear button” under any circumstance. Well, if all world leaders would simply make that same statement, what a sigh of relief we could all collectively breathe!
But, no; Angela Eagle, the shadow business secretary disagrees, saying that if Britain is going to have nuclear weapons, we must be willing to use them “if something happens”. Numerous others in Labour have registered their disagreement with Mr. Corbyn on his personal stand on this issue.
To someone such as I, who comes from a planet that doesn’t tolerate the indiscriminate killing of massive numbers of civilians, this disagreement with a phenomenally good man seems insane. Of course, every world leader, and all those running for high office should publicly forswear the use of any form of nuclear weapon, as a first, second, or last dying response, or whatever!
5. And what is NATO doing now? This European arm of the USA military is performing massive war-games on Russia’s border. This is another blatant example of saber-rattling and provocation, aimed at the Russians. We complain to high heaven that Putin is building up troops along the Ukrainian border, but then we out-do his ten-fold, by openly building up our troops along Russia’s border.
This is the report from RT News:
NATO has started its biggest exercise since 2002 with 36,000 international troops from 30 states, including non-NATO nations, participating in the drills which are taking place at sea, in the air and across the territory of three European states.
The alliance has kicked off its massive “Trident Juncture 2015” exercises which will last until November 16. Along with the NATO member states, seven more partner nations are participating in the drills: Australia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Sweden and Ukraine.
Some 36,000 troops as well as more than 60 warships and about 200 aircraft will participate in the drills which makes it the biggest since 2002 when about 40,000 troops took part in NATO’s “Strong Resolve” military exercise.
6. As for the distant US Presidential election, I will only say that every minute of this reporting, not only of true contenders, but of every fool who wants to be president, only takes away any chance that Americans will ever be educated about the many truly urgent issues at hand. Our blissfully ignorant populace will assuredly continue to be so, and even those who listen to the news will know more about pop music than world events. The politically alert will learn the positions of every hopeless candidate, and NOTHING about the approaching nuclear wars, climate disasters, humanitarian catastrophes, unless you are one of the few who search for and weed-out the truly important news. So here we stand, on the very edge, the cusp of the time when our democracy was lost to those with great wealth. We were lulled to sleep with idle talk, campaign promises, while our democracy was bought right out from under us.


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