The warmongers are “chomping at the bit”, to start a war with Iran.

[The following is a post by Suzette Sommer. It is just so true and insightful, I had to put it on my blog.]

Amen. They are demonizing the Iran agreement, which every objective analyst & most allies say is a good deal that will control nuclear development and prevent war, because they very much WANT war. Where’s the profit in peace? So they’re employing scare tactics.

Lucy keeps pulling the football away from Charlie Brown so he falls down trying to kick it… We keep falling for bad excuses to get in wars that are disastrous but very, very profitable for billionaires who are fond of “dabbling in” and influencing elections and policy.

We look back on wars – from Vietnam to Iraq – and say, “That was a disastrous mistake” but now some are listening to the SAME PEOPLE on the Right who falsely led us into war the last time, as tho the country has amnesia!

Other allies won’t cooperate with us continuing sanctions on Iran, so leverage would be reduced to a fraction.

Do you really think think bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities (the ones we know about) won’t elicit retaliation against us? Also, right now Iran happens go be doing the most effective job in the region of fighting ISIS.

We already can’t pay for anything, what will happen if Repubs add another Trillion dollars to the deficit as Bush did? HE started with a surplus!

Republicans are trying to throw all progress away and throw caution to the wind for profit of the billionaires who fund their campaigns – it’s almost unbelievable, especially if you believe their phony claims of patriotism and fiscal responsibility. But whether you think it’s intentional or just tragic mistakes, their policies WERE and ARE mistakes.

Bernie Sanders has consistently NOT fallen for their flawed arguments. voted against both Iraq wars, and kept his eye on the ball: how in policies foreign and domestic the system is rigged BY the those who can pay to get their way, FOR their own benefit.

Elizabeth Warren (and before her the Occupy movement) attracted people’s attention to what Bernie has been fighting for 30 years. We get it now, and hopefully we’re going to do a very radical thing: elect an honest public servant with OUR interests at heart! Suzette Sommer

Here’s a link to a wonderful audio presentation speaking about the whole discussion of Iran’s nonexistent “nuclear weapons program”. It’s a bit long, but the first half alone says volumes.


2 thoughts on “The warmongers are “chomping at the bit”, to start a war with Iran.

  1. William deB. Mills July 31, 2015 / 5:00 pm

    Diplomacy does not enrich defense contractors. That is the first group that wants either a war with Iran or the threat of a war (also good business). The second group is the Netanyahu faction in Israel that wants an expansionist Israel (which requires an enemy) and whose political base lies with the illegal West Bank settlers (who would prefer to be forgotten by the U.S. and thus see themselves as benefitting from another Mideast war – especially if the U.S. does the fighting). The third group is the leadership of the Republican Party, who really don’t have much in the way of campaign issues if Obama finishes his term with a framework for world peace in progress. It could be Iran…or a Ukrainian war…or perhaps a tiff-up with China. Any one would serve the purposes of a bunch of candidates without a message. It is easy to belittle these groups, but together they dominate the airwaves with noise and money. And one would have thought that the three trillion dollar (according to Nobel Economist Joseph Stiglitz) disaster that was the Iraq War would have been enough!)
    William deB. Mills


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