World War 3! Just Add Weapons.

Any reader of this blog will know that I am trying, in my own small way, to warn the people of the USA, my country, that we are risking starting World War 3, by pushing this civil war in Ukraine. The reason it has gotten so out of hand, the USA overtly encouraged and stage-managed the coup that ousted the former democratically elected leader, Yanukovych, and installed our puppet, Yatsenuk.

Since then, we have worked to inflame the conflict, with Blackwater mercenaries, and in other ways, while blaming the entire thing on Russia, and on Putin, in particular. Our news media is in complete co-operation with the government, in ignoring facts, and atrocities against the Ukrainian citizens of the eastern sections, called, consistently, “separatists” or, worse, by their own government, they have all been labeled as terrorists (while they are actually victims of State terror).

These things are strange news to the Americans, since it runs counter to the unified message of our propagandists in the news networks. However, I am not the only one who has understood this conflict in this way. A friend, Vivienne Perkins, has written similarly, with the same warnings. The following are some exerpts from her recent posts:

I don’t know who Mr. Ashez is, but he is certainly telling the truth. Our government is running a very high risk of provoking a nuclear confrontation with Russia and for what?? For Ukraine, a bankrupt state run by gangsters and neo-Nazis? So that Ukraine can be “democratic”? Fat chance. No, we are running these insane risks because we want to eliminate Russia as a power center, especially in the Middle East, where it is the ally of both Syria and Iran. Ask yourself: who in the Middle East wants to be rid of Iran and Syria?? Why Saudi Arabia and Israel of course, our main clients in the Persian Gulf. In my opinion, it is way past time for the US to rid itself of Israeli and Saudi influence. Do we really want to sacrifice our own country for the lead exporter of terrorist fighters to the outside world? For a nation that has not the decency to treat its own captive population with some degree of kindness and civility and that has the world’s slimiest politician as its leader??

Here are some facts to think about: 1) the current mess in Ukraine resulted from the installation of the Yatsenyuk/Poroshenko government by the US State Dept (V. Nuland) and the CIA. 2) the CIA director James Brennan went to Kiev as soon as the Yats/Poro. regime was installed in order to launch the civil war against the Eastern provinces 3) western corporations are stripping western Ukraine of its resources, and NATO is issuing constant lies about Russian involvement in the civil war. NATO is also building ABM sites aimed at Moscow in western Ukraine preparatory to WWIII, which certain neo-Cons in D.C. seem to want 4) Yats/Poro regime cannot get anyone to answer its conscription calls for its army (men are fleeing in all directions) so the US is sending in military trainers to train U’s national guard, which is partly composed of neo-Nazi battalions who have said clearly they will not honor the Minsk cease-fire 5) the US mil/industrial complex is making lots of money selling weapons to the Baltics, but Russia has absolutely no reason to invade the Baltic states, nor has it given any indication it intends to 6) not for the first time, the Russian economy is under sustained attack by the West in terms of sanctions, the precipitous decline of the rouble, and the equally precipitous decline in the price of oil, arranged covertly by the US in its unhealthy alliance with Saudi Arabia. Brzezinski’s book “The Grand Chessboard” lays out the strategy, with is for the US to eliminate Russia (by whatever means necessary), occupy the Eurasian landmass so as to control the Caspian Sea energy riches, and push through, finally, to “contain” China. And yet all the commenters in this thread can talk about is weapons. It might be smarter to think about how to restrain the real aggressor here (the US), and avoid war by creating a federalized system in Ukraine that would give the East a fair amount of autonomy while keeping Ukraine out of NATO. Russia does not want to be encircled by NATO members any more than the US wanted to have Soviet missiles installed 90 miles from Florida. And this may be an heretical thought, but Russia does have the right to exist and to play its part in the international arena. A world in which the US is global hegemon is a very dangerous world because there is no countervailing power to set limits to its arrogance.

[Ashez writing now] These things shouldn’t be unknown by the American public, but they are, for the most part, since these astonishing things go unreported here. But if you don’t believe the USA is behind this crazy new Ukrainian government, look at this, the new finance minister is an American woman, a Mrs. Jaresko. Vice President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is on the board of the Ukrainian gas company Naftogaz. I knew these things, but I was encouraged to see Vivienne’s words on the subject, here:

Of course it makes a difference that Ms Jaresko was formerly an American citizen because the present Yatsenyuk/Porosheko puppet government was put into place via the CIA and Blackwater mercenaries while Yats & Poroshenko were chosen by Asst. Sec. of State V. Nuland. We also know that US corporations are now stripping Kiev’s part of Ukraine of its resources, and Hunter Biden, the VP’s son, is on the board of Naftogaz. So, the clever Ms. Jaresko is getting Ukraine a $40 billion loan from the IMF? You know what that means. It means the entire Ukrainian economy will be “restructured” to pay back this enormous loan and ordinary Ukrainians will be steadily impoverished. The fact is that, now, though they may not realize it, their lives are ruined and they have no real future. The Poroshenko govt is unpopular, and its efforts to conscript its people to murder their brothers in the Eastern provinces is simply producing a lot of men leaving Ukraine in order to save their lives. The truth is that Ukrainians should have resisted the siren call of the EU and NATO. As someone has said, “geography is destiny.” The US would never tolerate a foreign puppet being installed in Mexico. Mexico is in our sphere of influence and we reserve the right to do as we please there.
In short, the US started this Ukraine fiasco for its own purposes–to antagonize Russia and make it look “aggressive.” This is US aggression masked by the usual levels of propaganda.

[Ashez again] So, now, to please our war-hungry congress and generals, we are waiting for the cease-fire to be violated, so we can begin to pour into this powder-keg military weaponry that will escalate the situation exponentially. Every week, Victoria Newland is trotted out to speak of all the bad things Russia is doing in eastern Ukraine. The chief commander of NATO, (as USA tool of war), General Strangelove, I meant General Breedlove, presents himself to the world to push for the escalation of the violence.

The USA’s WAR-PIG Propaganda Chief is also the top NATO Commander.

 Europe is tired of this hawkish general’s propaganda. They know he is undermining their efforts at trying to broker some sort of de-escalation of the war in Ukraine. Here’s a link to the article from Spiegel Online International.

The title is “Breedlove’s Bellicocity: Berlin Alarmed by Aggressive NATO stance on Ukraine”

A quote from the article:

The government in Berlin is concerned that Breedlove’s statements could harm the West’s credibility. The West can’t counter Russian propaganda with its own propaganda, “rather it must use arguments that are worthy of a constitutional state.” Berlin sources also say that it has become conspicuous that Breedlove’s controversial statements are often made just as a step forward has been made in the difficult negotiations aimed at a political resolution. Berlin sources say that Germany should be able to depend on its allies to support its efforts at peace.

US President Obama supports Chancellor Merkel’s efforts at finding a diplomatic solution to the Ukraine crisis. But hawks in Washington seem determined to torpedo Berlin’s approach. And NATO’s top commander in Europe hasn’t been helping either.

[End quote.]

 The problem is that none of Breedloves statements about Russia’s presence in or near Ukraine agree with Europe nation’s intelligence. He is blowing things all out of proportion, in co-operation with Victoria Newland, making it look like Russia is threatening to invade, or send in big military equipment, so they can continue to make their case that, as they see it, America should begin flooding Ukraine with military aid and even with troops, to help them to “defend themselves against Russian aggression”. But, you see, the only problem is, his information is 99% exaggeration, done for the propaganda effect.

The following is another quote from Der Spiegel:

It was quiet in eastern Ukraine last Wednesday. Indeed, it was another quiet day in an extended stretch of relative calm. The battles between the Ukrainian army and the pro-Russian separatists had largely stopped and heavy weaponry was being withdrawn. The Minsk cease-fire wasn’t holding perfectly, but it was holding.

On that same day, General Philip Breedlove, the top NATO commander in Europe, stepped before the press in Washington. Putin, the 59-year-old said, had once again “upped the ante” in eastern Ukraine — with “well over a thousand combat vehicles, Russian combat forces, some of their most sophisticated air defense, battalions of artillery” having been sent to the Donbass. “What is clear,” Breedlove said, “is that right now, it is not getting better. It is getting worse every day.”

German leaders in Berlin were stunned. They didn’t understand what Breedlove was talking about. And it wasn’t the first time. Once again, the German government, supported by intelligence gathered by the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), Germany’s foreign intelligence agency, did not share the view of NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR).

The pattern has become a familiar one. For months, Breedlove has been commenting on Russian activities in eastern Ukraine, speaking of troop advances on the border, the amassing of munitions and alleged columns of Russian tanks. Over and over again, Breedlove’s numbers have been significantly higher than those in the possession of America’s NATO allies in Europe. As such, he is playing directly into the hands of the hardliners in the US Congress and in NATO.

[end of quote from article.]

This is tragic and dangerous stuff, people. The world is actually teetering on the edge of a real war between the USA and Russia, and people like this General Strangelove, oops, Breedlove, and Ms. Newland, and McCain and Boehner, are pressuring a for so-called “defensive” weapons for Ukraine, delivered along with personnel to manage them. First, it will be a greatly escalated war between the east and the west in Ukraine’s war against its own population, against civilians, by the way, to a great extent, when you count the dead.

I recently spoke to a Ukrainian man here in Spartanburg, South Carolina, an immigrant with recent and existing ties to Ukraine. He said thousands have died, many elderly, helpless civilians that couldn’t get out. What kind of “defensive” is that? The Kiev forces simply came with artillery, and got close enough to shell inhabited apartment buildings, and committed war crimes by destroying their own people, because they speak Russian instead of the slightly different Ukrainian language, and happened to live in a “rebel” area.

As I said, it begins as a civil war, then, as soon as there is some perceived damage to the American interlocutors, there will of necessity be a response, an attack of some kind against Russia. It could begin as simply shooting back. And there we go, a war with Russia, and God knows how far it could go, and how fast. We are not talking about some Iraq or Afghanistan here. We are talking about a nuclear world power.

And where are the voices for peace? Where is the warning, the discussions, the protests in the street, against getting involved in such a hornet’s nest? Where is the media attention? On ISIS; it drives viewership. Everyone thinks the prospect of having a war with Russia passed away with the Soviet Union. We had better wake up!


One thought on “World War 3! Just Add Weapons.

  1. msvivphd March 17, 2015 / 11:36 am

    Dear Thomas: Altogether a good job! I’m glad I know you. Vivienne P.


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